If you are interested in becoming part of the Ze Pickle family, tell us a bit about yourself and your location and we will be in touch for a chat.

There are three of us, Nathan, Aaron & JD. For some years prior to the inception of ZP, the three of us were (food) franchisees of another successful, well known brand here on the Gold Coast in Burleigh Heads. It was through being involved with this that we saw a lot of key benefits in owning a franchise, but also saw some areas of owning a typical franchise that we weren’t that keen on. Moving forward, we wanted to create what we feel is the first franchise of it’s kind.

Ze Pickle isn’t your average burger joint, it’s a place you can go for a “unique” burger whilst enjoying the best in craft beers or a wine or cocktail in a vibrant atmosphere – quality music, good vibes, great service. Every store has a unique design but a similar theme so it’s easily recognizable as Ze Pickle.

We do all the design and build the stores ourselves.  Ze Pickle is a leader in the world of burgers “often imitated never duplicated” is our motto. There are no staff uniforms at Ze Pickle, we like the staff to let their personality & individuality shine.

The only thing that remains the same in every store is the intellectual property including menu, recipes, sauces etc.

Let your favourite hangout become “your” favourite hangout.


How much will it cost me to start up a ZP?

A turn-key Ze Pickle store will usually sit anywhere between $350k – $500k (90-160 square meter shop).

What do I get? What’s in it for me?

We build you a first class restaurant/bar in our inimitable design that will look and feel different to any other burger joint on the street.  You get to own and run your dream business as part of the Ze Pickle family. We work closely with you all the way to make sure you understand everything there is to know about running this business, from day to day operations to staff training to accounting and book keeping – the lot.

What do I need to become a ZP owner/franchisee?

You need to be a driven, enthusiastic individual who is a great communicator and can lead by example with strong customer service skills. A love of Burgers and craft beer is a great plus, but as long as you have the initiative & eagerness to learn we will turn you into a lover of Burgers and Beer within no time! You will also need at least $350k – $400k (ex GST) to get started.

What are the ongoing fees?

Ze Pickle’s service fee is 7.5% of gross turnover which is payable weekly. There is also a 2.5% marketing fee of gross turnover also payable weekly. These funds help us provide you with ongoing support and marketing of our brand.

Do I need a hospitality background?

It is not a pre-requisite, but is certainly helpful. We will only look at owner operators as ZP franchisees. This ensures that you (the franchisee) will know every aspect there is to know about running the business.

Want to apply?

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Ze Pickle family, tell us a bit about yourself and your location and we will be in touch for a chat.